Our Referral Program Pays YOU!

  • Fill out the form below to refer a friend

  • When we clean their house, you receive $25 off of your next cleaning!

  • When they schedule an ongoing schedule and we clean their house at least 3 times, you receive another $25 credit toward a future cleaning after the 3rd completed cleaning, for Up To $50 off of your next cleaning for each person you refer!

Start Here!

Additional info about referral credits:

They do not expire, so if you only get your house cleaned once in a blue moon, the certificate will still work. If you know you will want a cleaning 6 months from now, you can start referring people to us now and collect the credits for that cleaning.

You can refer as many people as you wish, and as long as they have never cleaned with World Maid Clean, and you can get a maximum of $50 in World Maid Clean credits for each person referred.

We can e-mail or mail a physical copy to you (whichever you prefer) as soon as the person you have referred’s cleaning is completed, or you can just take that amount off of your next cleaning.  Please just confirm with the office what credits you have earned before discounting your cleaning.  For your convenience, we will have have it on file, so in case you lose it, you will not lose out on the benefits you receive for referring World Maid Clean to your friends and family.

The Physical Certificates are 100% transferrable. If you would like to give them as a Birthday or Christmas present to someone you love and make their life just a little “cleaner”, Go Right Ahead!!

Rules and how we define a referral we will pay on:

You do not have to be a current or previous World Maid Clean customer to refer someone and get a certificate(s) for the referral.

The person you refer must schedule, complete and have paid for their account in full.

Anyone the you refer can now also fill out the Free Estimate Request form on our website, and they can type in your name on the “referred by:” field.

If you have any other questions about how this program works, please call us at (972) 832-9316, or you can click on the support ticket after business hours (Mon – Sat 8am-6pm).

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